1. RST

  2. Metal Vessel Music

  3. Test Press Series

  4. Terma
    Anji Cheung

  5. Capsaicin
    MoE / Marhaug

  6. Ananke

  7. OCRE

  8. Sustain
    Chaos Echœs with Mats Gustafsson

  9. Shizuka Na Heya De Ashioto Wa
    Suzuki Junzo

  10. Ossuary Light
    Burning Tree

  11. 山險峻 / Sua-Hiam-Zun
    破地獄 / Scattered Purgatory

  12. Spirit as Creature
    Anji Cheung

  13. Providing Water and Drought
    Love of the Farthest

  14. Blight
    René Aquarius

  15. Mass Hysteria
    Ryosuke Kiyasu

  16. If I Die Before I Wake
    Suzuki Junzo

  17. This is From the Mouth
    Mats Gustafsson

  18. Neolithic Extraction – The Malo Remixes
    Frank Rosaly

  19. Malo
    Frank Rosaly

  20. Transient
    Chaos Echœs

  21. North Hex
    Burning Tree

  22. Quantum Entanglement
    Runhild Gammelsaeter & Lasse Marhaug

  23. Lights on Water
    Sum of R

  24. Portrait of Medeleine Elster
    Suzuki Junzo

  25. Glass Blood
    Arcn Templ

  26. Dark Places

  27. Islands of Pathos

  28. Aegri Somnia
    Sky Burial

  29. Apparitions
    White Static Demon

  30. Cities

  31. Lammergyer
    Burning Tree

  32. Mirrors & Tides, Shivers & Voids
    The Stargazer’s Assistant

  33. Another Temple to the Great Beast 666

  34. Polaris
    Dead Neanderthals

  35. Two Angles of a Triangle

  36. Go Back to the Sirius

  37. Reflex

  38. Ural Umbo
    Ural Umbo

  39. Delusion of Hope
    Ural Umbo

  40. Latent Defects
    Ural Umbo

  41. Bengt
    Mats Gustafsson

  42. Centering and Displacement
    Frank Rosaly

  43. Ode to a Blue Ghost
    Suzuki Junzo

  44. Surface of the Earth
    Surface of the Earth

  45. The Crystal World

  46. Received in Studio Dental, Gothenburg
    The Skull Defekts

  47. Live Young, Die Fast and Leave an Exquisite Corpse
    The Vulture Club

  48. Lo Pan

  49. Lift

  50. Emanations of a New World
    Arcn Templ

  51. Mubomuso
    Aural Fit

  52. Point of Convergence

  53. Anro

  54. Kampanerura
    Masayoshi Urabe

  55. Ephemeral as Petals
    Keiko Higuchi

  56. Jojo
    Jojo Hiroshige


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A record label combining inimitable art and design with music from the field of sound experimentation.

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